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Staircase Systems

Lindahl Aluminum has developed a unique staircase system which includes aluminum stair rail, aluminum stringers, and slip-resistant treads.

Our staircase system offers lifetime wear and tear. The staircase is lightweight – no large footings or foundations are required for the stringers to sit on.

Stringers are welded separately and steps are mechanically fastened to the stringers with stainless steel fasteners.

Our steps are anodized aluminum to give you durable, slip resistant steps.

What is Anodizing?

Anodizing involves placing aluminum into a chemical acid bath, quite often acetone. The aluminum becomes charged in the chemical and an electric current passes through the acid causing the surface of the aluminum to oxidize. The oxidized aluminum forms a strong coating as it replaces the original aluminum on the surface. The result is an extremely hard substance called anodized aluminum.

Stairs are built to the length and width required – we do not pre-build stringers.

In most cases our stair system is the same price as what it would cost to have a contractor build wood steps. The difference would be that ours would never need replacing and are virtually maintenance free and easily cleaned.

The stair rail guards of the system are built with strength and safety in mind. The guards can be easily attached to wood, steel, or a concrete surface.

The most popular staircase system is the picket guard rail. The staircase looks good and provides safety as well as ease of use. The top rails are easy to grasp and small children can hold onto the picket inserts when they climb the stairs.

Glass stair rail is also available. This application is generally done when an “open” look is desired.





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